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Posted on 03/27/2024
3 Ways to Prevent Landslides at Home
While landslides vary in size and severity, avoiding them is an important part of protecting your property. Even if you don't live in a landslide-prone area, there are steps you can take to prevent one from happening in your own backyard. Here are three main ways to prevent landslides: Plant Trees & Shrubs to Strengthen the Ground The...
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Posted on 03/20/2024
Ad valorem tax & other terms property owners should know
Ad valorem is a Latin term meaning "according to value."...
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Posted on 03/13/2024
Hardwood floors: How to protect against scratches & spills
Hardwood floors are a highly desired feature in a house...
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Posted on 03/06/2024
Add style & comfort to your outdoor space with these backyard privacy ideas
If you're in need of backyard privacy ideas, it's time to...
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Posted on 02/28/2024
5 Ways to use herringbone pattern in your home decor
Herringbone pattern is everywhere, both in exterior and...
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Posted on 02/21/2024
What Kind of Curtains Should You Use in Your Living Room?
The right window treatments can add personality and depth to any room. No matter the size or amount of windows in a space, curtains are a key part of your interior design and personal style. If you’re wanting to refresh the look of your living room with new curtains, here are some great ideas to inspire you: Matching...
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Posted on 02/14/2024
Understanding the basics: Outdoor entertaining spaces
Outdoor entertaining spaces are perfect for hosting...
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Posted on 02/07/2024
3 Tropical Plants You Can Grow in Cold Climates
Cold winter weather doesn't necessarily mean you must give up your dreams of having a tropical garden at home. There are several varieties of cold-hardy tropical plants you can grow in the ground or in containers to bring the atmosphere of the tropics anywhere you are. Here are some suggestions for tropical plants that grow well in colder...
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Posted on 01/31/2024
What is a homeowner insurance premium?
Many factors affect the cost of home premiums....
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Posted on 01/24/2024
How home improvements can add to the value of your property
The best renovations and home improvement projects...
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Posted on 01/17/2024
Safety tips for your garage
Your garage offers a convenient place to keep your vehicle safe, store tools and gardening supplies and work on a wide range of projects. The following tips can help you improve the safety of your garage to lower the risk of injuries or other harm to you and your household. Keep hazardous materials locked up Pesticide products, fertilizers...
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Posted on 01/10/2024
Easy curb appeal upgrades to try this season
Your home's curb appeal is its first impression, a glimpse...
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